• Breakfast with Purpose

    The New Competitive Advantage: Employee Fulfillment

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    HR Practitioners Come Together to Network, Inspire, and Learn

    Purpose 2030


    NYC - October 17th-18th

    This October, join us for the 2nd annual Purpose 2030 Summit to unlock human connection.


    MetLife Building | 200 Park Ave.

    New York, NY, 10017

    1pm - 5pm Thursday | 8am - 5pm Friday

    Activating Peer Coaching Workshop


    NYC - November 12th

    Join us to learn about activating Peer Coaching in your organization to drive fulfillment.


    Location: TBD

    Midtown, NY

    8-10 am

    Join us for a transformational, 2-hour experience that includes breakfast, networking, and an intimate discussion on how we can make the future of work more fulfilling.

    Imperative's VP of People, Courtney Deimel, will lead an interactive session on how to solve the issues today's HR leaders face with peer coaching. This intimate gathering will allow HR leaders to explore the latest research on purpose at work. Breakfast attendees will gain first-hand experience with purpose activation using Imperative's Peer Coaching platform.

    Courtney Deimel

    VP of People, Imperative

    Courtney Deimel connects, inspires, and equips enterprise companies nationwide to create fulfillment for millions of employees. She leads as the VP of People and Operations at Imperative with emotional intelligence and genuine love for the Purpose 2030 mission.

  • What should you expect?

    Here's an overview of our two hours together.

    8:00 AM

    Breakfast & Networking

    8:30 AM

    Learn about the latest research on the science of purpose

    9:00 AM

    Peer Coaching Conversations and discussion of purpose at your organizations

    9:30 AM

    Debrief & Discussion

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  • About Imperative

    Imperative is a Career and culture Transformation Platform

    Founded in 2014

    Aaron Hurst Set Out to Make Work Fulfilling

    Using their proprietary purpose and fulfillment science, Imperative activates peers as coaches to develop changes in behavior and mindset that are the foundation of success in the new economy.

    Peer Coaching

    Powered by Purpose

    Peers are dynamically matched based on psychographics for structured and personalized virtual conversations to activate and practice new skills and adopt organizational changes. Imperative builds cultures of transformational conversation for partners including Casper, Zillow, Horizon Media, MetLife, and Kaiser Permanente.